Mother Leaves Son With Neighbor “For An Hour” But Never Returns – The Woman Raises Him As Her Own

This woman’s life tale is so amazing that it reads like a movie script.

Rosalinda was a married young woman in her twenties who led a tranquil life. She had no idea, however, that her life would alter forever after a neighbor knocked on her door and asked for a favor. Rosalinda was asked by the mother if she could watch her son for an hour or two while she went shopping. Rosalinda agreed with me.

After a few hours, she realized her neighbor hadn’t returned. Rosalinda was suddenly left with a little child to care for.

“That little kid lived with me through my previous marriage until he was 18 years old, when he met his father and departed to start a new life.”

Rosalinda felt she could become a foster mom and help other children after the kid she raised as her own son left her house. She fostered a lot of kids that ended up in the system over the years, which led to her adopting her daughter Lola.

Rosalinda shared her experience on TikTok, where she has an estimated 85K followers. Lola also features in a few of her mother’s videos.

“I made the decision to foster children. Adeola, my first foster child, was a small boy. “I’ve fostered numerous children throughout the years, which led to me getting my daughter,” she said in a video. “She [Lola] arrived in mid-May 1990, such a lovely tiny baby with lovely eyes, and she’s been with me ever since.”


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Many of Rosalinda’s fans laud her for her commitment to all of the foster children in her life. One user wrote, “Wow, you lived a really long and very good life as it sounds.”

Rosalinda is now 70 years old. Despite the fact that she never had children of her own, she was instrumental in improving the lives of many people.


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