Woman Who Lost Engagement Ring In Her Garden Finds It Around A Carrot 13 Years Later

When a Canadian woman’s diamond ring was discovered 13 years after she had misplaced it in her vegetable field, she received an extra carrot.

When Mary Grams, 84, lost the ring while weeding on the family farm in Alberta in 2004, she was devastated.

For more than a decade, she had kept the ring’s disappearance a secret from everyone save her son.

When her daughter-in-law picked up a lumpy carrot on Monday, she uncovered the secret – and the ring.

After several years of hiding in the soil, the carrot had grown straight through the ring, allowing it to be taken out.

She had opted not to tell her husband about her breakdown because she didn’t want to disgrace him, but she did tell her kid.

She went out and got a little less expensive new ring and went about her business as usual.

“Perhaps I did something wrong, but you get so worked up,” she explained.

No one knew until Colleen Daley, her daughter-in-law, decided she wanted some carrots for supper this week.

Mary Grams with her diamond ring-carrot

Ms. Daley, who now lives on the property where Mrs. Grams had lived, went to the garden to collect vegetables. She found the ring while washing a bumpy carrot, to her surprise.

Her kid immediately recognized who the ring belonged to and dialed his mother’s number.

Mrs Grams, who died five years ago, said she wishes she had told her husband.

He was a knucklehead, she claimed, and would have thought the whole scenario amusing.

She claims she will be more cautious now that she has it back.

“If I’m going outside or doing something, I’ll place it in a secure location. That’s exactly what I should’ve done “she stated

This isn’t the first time a diamond ring has been discovered on a carrot. A Swedish woman found her wedding band 16 years after she had misplaced it in 2011.

A diamond ring was pulled up with a carrot


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