An Asian Princess is Born! 28-year-old Princess of Monaco with Oriental Beauty, Married into a European Royal Family

When it comes to European royal life, everyone must imagine it to be dazzling and dreamy! However, most members of the royal family are Caucasian, and Asian women are uncommon, according to history. Despite this, Danish prince Achim married Wen Yali, a Chinese woman. She was the first Asian princess, and since then, comparable situations have been nearly unheard of…

Another Asian woman married into a European royal family, and her story has been widely publicized in newspapers and on social media! The Prince of Monaco, Louis Ducruet, recently married Marie Chevallier, an Asian woman with oriental features who became not only a member of the royal family but also the daughter-in-law of Monaco’s most beautiful Princess Grace Kelly.

Louis is an important member of Monaco’s royal family. Princess Grace Kelly is his grandmother, and Princess Stephanie, Princess Grace’s youngest daughter, is an important historical figure. Prince Louis, a descendant of the princess, holds a high position.

The Asian princess’s background, as the other half of Prince Louis, is, of course, a hot topic of conversation! She is 28 years old this year, having been born in 1993. She grew up in a typical mixed-race family. Her mother is Vietnamese and her father is French. She possesses the classical beauty of the Asian and European races as a French-Vietnamese girl.

Despite the fact that she hails from a mixed-race family, her family’s financial situation is not very prosperous. Marie’s father abandoned her at a young age, leaving her mother to raise her alone. Marie couldn’t stand seeing her mother work so hard, so she spent practically all of her free time in school working part-time jobs like French teacher, ticket seller, cashier, and so on. She has done everything she can to help alleviate the financial burden.

Despite the fact that her family is burdened, she never hides it. She met Prince Louis at Western Carolina University and told him about her life in an open and honest manner. She admitted to becoming a “professional migrant worker” in order to gain money. The prince was moved by such a simple and natural approach.

Marie’s tireless efforts drew Prince Louis in. They not only travelled to France to study management together when they first started dating and studying together, but they also settled in Monaco after graduation to work in banquet planning.

It was certainly love, it can be said!

They backed each other up and spent a lot of time together. In the year 2019, the couple married. Marie was approached by Prince Louis of Monaco, who kneeled and proposed to her. The couple decided to spend their life together on a lovely beach with breathtaking views. The image looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Marie Chevallier married and became Grace Kelly’s well-known granddaughter-in-law, adding another chapter to the history of “Asian Princesses.” Following their marriage, the two have a sweeter relationship and are frequently spotted on Instagram. Here’s a picture of the couple, who are clearly in love.

Not only that, but the couple also reared a “dog son,” making their family of three a very happy one.

The young couple’s romance is still heating up, despite the fact that they are married. On Valentine’s Day, the prince sent his wife a bouquet of flowers to show how much he cares for and loves her.

They also travel frequently, leaving the fondest memories of their love for one other behind. Their lives become more fascinating and full of fun when they are in one other’s company.

Marie rapidly honed her skills as a capable princess. When she faces the audience and the camera, she exudes a calm and elegant demeanor, and she exudes confidence.

The prince’s business became more solid, and he learnt how to care for his beloved… The two’s love story brilliantly exemplifies “because of love, we become better people” and also teaches us that love is greater than race and color.


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