Single Mom Has To Beg For Rides To Doctor For Her Sick Son. Stranger Says ‘Not Anymore’

The life of a single mother has just gotten a tiny bit simpler. Canyon Osani was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and will require chemotherapy, according to Nikole Osani. However, without a car, Nikole found it impossible to get Canyon to his appointments. That is, until a local cancer fund came to the rescue.

Because she couldn’t afford a car, Osani, 23, had to beg others to drive her and her son Canyon to his doctor’s visits. Canyon was only six months old when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and according to CBS Baltimore, he has had six surgeries since then.

Seth Elias When the Matthew’s Leukemia Foundation learned of Osani’s plight, it reached out to potential contributors to see if they might assist. One contributor went over and beyond by giving Osani the keys to her automobile instead of just money. Paul Matthews, the foundation’s president, surprised Osani with the automobile. “You need a car for your freedom, for you to do what you need to do,” Matthews told Osani as her new automobile came up alongside her.

“Can you imagine, right?” Matthews stated to CBS Baltimore. Having to rely on others to transport you to your son’s chemotherapy appointment, only to miss it. He can’t miss any of his appointments.” At the age of ten, Matthews’ son Eli died of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He established the organization in memory of his son and to assist other families dealing with cancer-stricken children.


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