Couple Of 62 Years Passes Away 90 Minutes Apart While Holding Hands

Real love—this is arguably the best way to describe Tom and Delma Ledbetter’s marriage, a married couple that has stayed together their entire lives and even shared their final breath on their deathbeds.

Before they died hand in hand in a nursing home, 84-year-old Tom and 82-year-old Delma were a married couple of 62 years. This old couple treasured and loved each other till their deaths, literally.

Tom and Delma are a couple.

When Tom died on April 20, 2017, Delma followed him exactly one and a half hours later, fewer than 90 minutes apart.

“It was exactly how they intended things to turn out. “It couldn’t have gone any better,” Donetta Nichols, their daughter, remarked.

Tom and Delma began dating in their early twenties, in the 1950s. Tom and Delma met through common friends while living in Florida and immediately realized they were meant to be.

But their first date took place while Tom was driving his car, which wasn’t exactly romantic.

They drove about two, three blocks, or whatever it was, and then returned and parked. ‘I don’t know what made me do that,’ he murmured as he reached over and held her hand. “I just reached out and kissed her on the cheek,” he added, according to Nichols.

They married three weeks later, and it lasted till their last day.

Tom and Delma spent their lives traveling across the United States, stopping at different campgrounds. However, Delma fell unwell in April 2017, and Tom died just a few days afterwards. Both of them had to be admitted to a nursing home later.

“They were unable to obtain a pulse. They were unable to obtain a blood pressure reading. They were unable to obtain anything. Mama, on the other hand, was clinging to something. “It appears that’something’ was her husband Tom, as he became ill shortly after his lovely wife,” Nichols continued.

They grew ill at the same time and died at the same time.

“Mama and I took him to the nursing home.” Mama was laying right there, facing him, after they had pushed their small beds together. “She was sleeping, and Daddy went over there and took her hand, and he just laid there with her, and it was very wonderful,” Nichols continued.

Tom and Delma, as well as their family.

Even in death, they were believed to never let go of one other’s hand!


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