Adele’s Style Icon Journey And The Reason She Doesn’t Want To Be A Role Model To Fans

Adele, a British singer and songwriter who has continuously delivered success after hit since the early 2000s, has become an international phenomenon for her singing and songwriting. She’s been in the spotlight since then and has gained a worldwide following. However, the public is fascinated not only by her great musical abilities, but also by her physical transformation throughout the years, which has piqued the public’s curiosity in her life.

This includes her most recent remarkable weight loss, which she discussed with Oprah Winfrey in an honest interview in November 2021. Adele is claimed to have shed 100 pounds, and she certainly looks amazing. However, the singer said that she didn’t drop weight to be slender or to appease industry expectations; rather, the weight loss was a result of all the activity she did to cope with her anxieties.

She also stated that she was inspired to improve her health in order to be a better mother to her son, Angelo Adkins. Adele’s weight loss journey appears to have made her immensely happy, healthy, and self-assured.

Adele has slowly but steadily evolved into a true style icon, in addition to her physical change. She’s been glammed up for awards ceremonies and formal engagements since her first red carpet outings, but in the last couple of years, she’s taken her love of fashion to the next level. Let’s take a look at how Adele become a modern-day style icon in honor of her tremendous change through the years.

True Adele fans will recall her early years in the spotlight, which began around 2008. Adele’s youthfulness showed through in her looks and personal style when she launched her debut album “19” as a young woman just out of her teenage years. The media predicted Adele as the top breakout artist of 2008 as the world caught Adele fever, and they couldn’t get enough of her. The magazine Billboard stated:

“Adele has the potential to be one of the most well-known and inspirational international performers of her time.”

Despite her musical prowess, Adele’s appearance resembled that of a girl next door rather than a singing queen. However, she was invited to participate in a photoshoot by Anna Wintour of Vogue in 2009, which marked the start of her fashion career. “It was just like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,'” she subsequently told The Evening Standard.

Adele pledged to “go proper glam” at the Grammy Awards when they came around that year, and she didn’t disappoint.

She wore a special Barbara Tfank black satin dress for the event, and the young performer looked stunning thanks to a team of cosmetics, hair, and fashion professionals.

However, aside of the dazzling red carpet events, Adele went through a “early life crisis,” which included an unhealthy lifestyle and the cancellation of some gigs due to homesickness.

Adele, never one to be held back, moved on with her life and launched new music and a fresh look in 2012. At the Grammy Awards that year, she debuted as a blond for the first time, and she’s maintained the appearance ever since. She looked stunning in a custom Giorgio Armani black sequin gown, proving to the world that she was no longer the young woman we initially met.

Adele’s fashion experiments continued over the next few years as she gained confidence in her radical dress choices. Her characteristic buttery golden hair and her love of glam cosmetics, including wearing long nails, stayed the same and simply grew more sophisticated.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Adele vanished from public view in the late 2010s. We now know that, in addition to dealing with personal family concerns like raising her son and making the difficult decision to divorce his father, Simon Konecki, Adele began to prioritize her own health.

Adele debuted on the cover of Vogue with a fresh and more mature style after her return in the media last year, ahead of the publication of “30.” The markers remained the same — blond hair, striking eyes, glossy makeup and nails — but she appeared more confident in her own herself, which was a huge talking point given her weight loss.

Adele discussed how her fitness program was good to her general health during her discussion with Winfrey. She referred to herself as a “athlete” and described herself as a “very excellent boxer” with a “lethal left hook.” Furthermore, her activity assisted her in coping with her anxiousness. She continued:

“Having a plan every day when I didn’t have any became my time.”

Adele explained that she “wasn’t shocked or even fazed by it because (her) body has been objectified (her) entire career.”

She also clarified one point. She stated:

“I was body positive back then, and I still am now. It is not my responsibility to validate people’s feelings about their bodies. I’m sorry if it made someone feel bad about themselves, but that’s not my responsibility.”


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