A Father in a Hurry to Board the Plane Drags His 4-Year-Old Daughter Who was Lying on the Floor and Refused to Walk to the Gate

Although children are innocent and adorable, there is only so much we can endure when they throw tantrums. Getting physical or hitting the kids is never a solution for discipline, even if some parents have inexhaustible patience.

A passenger at Washington Dulles International Airport in the United States witnessed such a humorous scenario in 2019. A young girl of about four years old began to throw a tantrum for no apparent cause. She merely sat on the floor, refusing to acknowledge what was bothering her. When she was lying on the floor and refusing to walk, her father didn’t know how to console her…

Because the boarding time was only a few minutes away, the father, who didn’t want to waste time encouraging his young daughter, simply maintained his cool. He carried the small girl away like take-on luggage, holding the hood of her pink coat in his left hand and the carry bag in his right. The father and daughter went into the airport lobby like this, creating a hilarious spectacle.

When the man who took the video was assisting his fiancée to board the plane at the airport, he heard heavy objects being dragged across the floor. He spotted the weary parent pulling his daughter while lugging another large luggage as soon as he turned his head. The small girl was extremely obstinate, and she remained enraged with her father throughout the process!

As if that wasn’t funny enough, the small girl’s elder sister is trailing behind her, but from a safe distance. In comparison to the obstinate small girl, the elder sister not only pulled her own luggage but also carried her sister’s backpack, a potentially awkward scene. The sister purposefully kept a safe distance between her father and sister, ostensibly out of embarrassment, but also to give the impression that they did not recognize each other.

The man photographing the family finally caught up with them and discovered that the small girl was still reluctant to get up till the boarding gate, which made him laugh so hard. “My dream as a child was to be pulled on the ground,” a huge number of netizens stated after watching this video. “The coat is of good and strong quality, what brand is it?” other people inquired. The talk was enthralling.


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