A Grandfather Refuses to Give His Grandson to Someone Else, 13 Years Later The Child Sells in the Market to Repay His Grandfather and Refuses to Accept Assistance

A 16-year-old boy named Chen Youan lives in Chiayi County, Taiwan, and has been clever since he was a child. He set up a market stand to help support his family as a way of repaying his grandparents’ generosity.

Yang Shixu, a local resident, shared Chen Youan’s tale on Facebook. Everyone can learn more about this good child by reading his posts.

Chen Youan was his Grandfather’s daughter’s third son. His Grandpa’s daughter wanted to give Youan to someone else because the three children were all boys.

Because of the strong link between grandfather and grandson, the grandfather refused to leave Youan in the care of others and resolved to look after him himself.

His granddad sells on the market to help him.

Youan sold garlic and ginger on his market stall when he was 13 years old and in junior high school to help his grandfather with his finances.

He refused to give up even after the market manager expelled him. Instead, it drew the attention of a large number of individuals, who purchased from him.

He is now in high school. He does not have a wealthy material existence like his contemporaries, unlike today’s game-obsessed youth.

He made money by working with his hands. A local authority who was familiar with Youan’s background inquired whether he needed assistance. Youan unexpectedly declined.

“Regardless of how hard I work, Grandpa and Grandma always feed me three meals, so that’s enough!” he exclaimed.

He only requested that he be permitted to sell in the market.
After reading the article, netizens were moved and sent supportive messages:

“I purchased garlic from him.” “He’s a very courteous young man.”

“The most accurate portrayal of an impoverished family’s loyal son.”

“A knowledgeable and dutiful son.”

“I hope the children will be as filial as he is, that kid is truly fantastic!” commented one supporter.

Such a loving grandson will undoubtedly provide a happy future for his grandparents!


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