Keanu Reeves Admits He’s A Lonely Guy: ”I Don’t Have Anyone In My Life”

When you mention Keanu Reeves, other words that come to mind include kind, humble, and compassionate. Apart from that, we didn’t have much to talk about in terms of his personal life.

In a recent interview with The Jakarta Post, Reeves discussed his latest action flick, and the reporter seemed to want to learn more about the actor’s background, just like the rest of us.

The interviewer said, “What does love mean to you?”

Many of his followers are aware that Reeves had a meaningful relationship in the past, but it ended tragically. He was dating Jennifer Syme, another actress, and they were expecting a kid together. Unfortunately, their daughter died in the womb, and the couple divorced.

They remained friends, but Syme died in a car accident, and they were never reunited.

That was a tremendous setback for him, and it’s possible that’s why he’s still single. However, just because he’s flying alone doesn’t mean he intends to remain unmarried indefinitely.

“Are you referring to romantic love?” You should know that I’m the lonely one. In my life, I don’t have anyone. But, if it happens, I’d respect and love the other person—hopefully, it’ll happen for me,” Reeves said in response to the interviewer’s query.

The interviewer also inquired as to whether the humble actor was pleased with his role as the lonely man.

“It’s not something I’m particularly concerned about.” Because I’m an actress, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

There are obviously paparazzi pursuing you, but I don’t go out much and don’t do anything. “I’m pretty dull,” Reeves admitted.

Reeves was asked if he wanted to start a family in an interview with Parade in 2008, and he said yes.

“I want to start a family.” I’m getting older, and maybe that experience might help you be the best version of yourself and the person with whom you’re spending time.”

“I believe that in a partnership, communication and imagination are essential. When asked what kind of relationship he desires, Reeves replied, “It’s an imaginative act—an it’s act of creation.”

When an Esquire interviewer asked the actor, who is now 54, if he had any plans to settle down, he said that he might be too old to marry and have children.

“I’m the same way…

It’s past the point of no return. It’s finished. I’m 52 years old. “I’m not going to have any children,” Reeves declared.

Isn’t it true that he said it’s too late but didn’t say he didn’t want to? Despite what he has claimed in the past, Reeves may truly desire to marry and have children, as he wishes for romantic love.

Keanu, it’s never too late to fall in love again.


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