5th-Grader Calls 911 On School Bus Driver And Ends Up Keeping 30 Kids Safe

When our children go to school, we put our faith in the school’s employees to keep them safe.
Our children are sometimes in danger.

Troy Luna’s parents were not excessively concerned about their son’s safety. But, like most parents, they were committed to instilling in him the fundamentals of safety.

They instructed him not to trust adults, even those he saw regularly, and to report anyone acting suspiciously near children to the authorities. Troy’s parents hoped their son would never need to follow this counsel. They were mistaken.

Troy Luna of Crows Landing, California, was having a typical day until he boarded a bus in the afternoon. On the bus from Bonita Landing Elementary School, there were 30 students. The pupils varied in age from fifth graders to kindergarten students. According to KOVR through CNN, Troy was one of the upperclassmen.

Troy would do something to aid everyone on the bus, despite the fact that he was only ten years old. Something odd caught a scent of the fifth-grader.

He stated he smelt something strange emanating from his bus driver, Karolyn Denise Ray, 51, as he entered the vehicle.

Troy claimed he sensed something was wrong after she missed a turn and went onto the highway and contacted 911.

The majority of Troy’s classmates found this amusing. Troy, on the other hand, recognized that they were all in danger.

“I was like, ‘OK, I’m just going to call 911.'” Then I dialed the number.” – Troy

He took out his phone and dialed the police. He informed them that his bus driver was driving recklessly and spoke in an unusual manner.

A police car was on its way to the bus stop in no time. The bus was stopped by the cops. The driver attempted to defend herself, but the cops persisted on conducting a search.

Many of the other children on the bus had advised Troy against calling the cops. But, unlike those youngsters, Troy saw that this was not a game, but a life-or-death scenario.


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