Shaquille O’Neal Helps A Mom Who Didn’t Have Money To Pay For A Laptop: ‘$1500 Ain’t Nothing To Me But – Mom Trying To Help Her Babies Go To School’

Shaquille O’Neal has to be one of the most amazing men on the planet. The four-time NBA champion is always trying to help others, and we’ve lately learned more about his charity.

He previously bought furniture for a woman and fed a homeless man at a McDonald’s, and he once helped a young man pay for an engagement ring. Shaq has a large heart, and we’re always amazed by what he does.

He recently acknowledged that assisting mothers in the purchase of laptops is a typical occurrence. Although not everyone can afford to buy laptops for their sons, the Los Angeles Lakers icon is always willing to help.

Shaq told a mother, “I got you,” as he paid $1,500 for two laptops.

“I’ve been telling myself lately that it could be worse, and it could be you,” O’Neal remarked. “$1,500 ain’t nothing to me, but a mother trying to get her children to school?” Do it, I’m standing right there.”

The Big Diesel has made some fantastic gestures. You can say what you want about Shaq’s basketball skills, but he’s a true professional who proves it every day. With these movements, he may truly change a person’s life.

Not everyone helps others, but O’Neal is an exception. He is always willing to spend money to help others. With awe and admiration.


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