Robin Williams’ 20 Most Inspiring Quotes Remind Us What A Thoughtful And Caring Man He Was!

Robin Williams, our beloved actor and comedian, was known for his keen observations of the human condition and advice to not take life too seriously.

You may read 20 quotations from Robin Williams about life, happiness, and the human condition in this article!

Robin Williams is a well-known, respected, and adored figure around the world.

He tortured himself with his demons in addition to all the love in the world. Williams has battled depression for the majority of his life. Perhaps his excellent jokes made others laugh because of his awful inner agony.

Here are 20 Robin Williams quotes that will remind you not to take life too seriously!

The 20 Most Inspiring Quotes from Robin Williams:

  1. “You’ll have hard moments, but they’ll always serve as a wake-up call to the things you weren’t paying attention to before.”
  2. “Words and ideas have the power to transform the world, regardless of what others say.”
  3. “Poetry isn’t something we read or write because it’s cute. Because we are part of the human race, we read and write poetry. And the human race is a passionate bunch. Medicine, law, business, and engineering are all great vocations that are required to keep life going. But poetry, beauty, romance, and love are what keep us going.”
  4. “We wouldn’t have wars if women governed the globe; instead, we’d have serious negotiations every 28 days.”
  5. “If you do everything else wrong, what’s left is what’s right.”
  6. “There is always wonderful material out there, and there is still a lot to learn.” Even mistakes have the potential to be magnificent.”
  7. “It’s not just about delaying death; it’s about improving the quality of life.”
  8. “Because they can’t forgive themselves, good people find up in Hell.”
  9. “It’s a fantastic thing to be in the same room with folks and create something together.”
  10. “Do you have any idea what music is?” God’s gentle reminder that there’s more to this universe than ourselves; a harmonious link between all living things, everywhere, including the stars.”
  11. “You’re still young,” says the eleventh. It takes years of incompetence to be a true loser.”
  12.  “Sometimes you have to go out of your way to get yourself into trouble.” It’s referred to as “fun.”
  13.  “Only when you love something more than yourself can you truly lose.”
  14.  “Change is unpopular; as humans, we are creatures of habit.”I’d like things to stay the same.” But if you keep going in the same direction, there will be no “is.”
  15. “The things we are most afraid of have already happened to us.”
  16.  “Death – the inability to blink for an extended amount of time.”
  17. “Seize the day,” says number seventeen. Because, believe it or not, every single one of us in this room will stop breathing one day.”
  18.  “There are three things you need in this world: respect for all forms of life, a regular bowel movement, and a blue blazer.”
  19.  “You’ve only been handed a smidgeon of lunacy.” You can’t afford to lose it.”
  20. “Do you believe God gets stoned?”  Yes, I believe so… “Take a peek at the platypus,” says the narrator.

Williams’ story demonstrates the importance of paying more attention to our inner selves. He will be remembered for the joy and wisdom he provided to the world.


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