Selfish Husband Asked His Wife To Bury All Of His Money With Him When He Died. Later, She Buried The Money, Leaving Everyone In Shock But The Truth Was..

Many people seek to spend their lives according to their principles in order to leave a positive legacy after they die.

However, some people give in to their selfish desires regardless of the consequences for those around them. One woman understood that selfishness and greed could never be beneficial, but her husband, sadly, did not. So the wife decided it was time to teach her husband a lesson when he made a selfish request on his deathbed.

There was once a man who had dedicated his entire life to his work. The man had saved money all of his life and despised spending it on anything. He felt he deserved to keep all of the money since he had worked so hard to save it, and he felt he owed it to his wife, who was the polar opposite of his cheapskate and greedy mindset.

Money was more important to him than his wife, who had patiently stood by his side throughout his life. He was so devoted to his money that he took it to the cemetery with him.

The man requested his wife to grant his final desire just before he died. “Now listen, I want you to take all of my money and put it in the casket with me when I die.” “I want to take all of my money to the afterlife,” he explained to his wife.

The wife was outraged by her husband’s selfish proposal, but she was eventually persuaded by him to agree to bury the money with him when he died.

When the man died, the wife was divided between fulfilling her husband’s selfish final wish and keeping the money for herself. She was a woman of her word, and she didn’t want to break her commitment, despite her husband’s obvious egotism. Her imagination suddenly came up with a fantastic notion.

The husband’s body lay stretched out in the casket at the funeral, while his wife, dressed in all black, sat next to her best friend. When the undertakers were about to close the casket to bury the husband, the wife abruptly urged them to stop.

The woman said to the undertakers, “Wait a minute.”

The wife then walked over to her husband’s casket and placed a shoebox next to his body. She then nodded to the undertakers, indicating that they could close the casket and bury him.

Her best friend, who was aware of the ludicrous request, was taken aback by the wife’s behavior and inquired about the shoebox. “I hope you weren’t crazy enough to put all that money in there with that stingy old man,” one of the wife’s best friends said.

“Yes, I promised,” the wife said to her best friend. I can’t lie because I’m a decent Christian. “I promised him I’d put that money in the coffin with him.”

“‘Do you mean to say you put every penny of his money in the casket with him?” the friend said.

“I certainly did,” the woman replied. “I gathered everything, deposited it in my account, and wrote him a cheque.”

Brilliant! While retaining the money for herself, the woman kept her promise to her selfish husband. Let’s hope the husband was able to cash the check after he died!


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