15-year-old Model with Down Syndrome Becomes Successful After Her Mother Refused to Put Her Up for Adoption as the Doctor Suggested

Her pediatrician recommended that a baby born with Down Syndrome be adopted 15 years ago, but her mother declined.

She is now a very successful leading model who defied all odds when her mother chose the appropriate path for her upbringing.

When her daughter, Kennedy, 15, was born, Renee Garcia of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was overjoyed.

When her physicians discovered she was born with Down Syndrome, they suggested she be placed for adoption because she might spend the rest of her life reliant on her mother and unable to mature. Renee resisted, proving everyone wrong by retaining and nurturing Kennedy and assisting her in building a great future.

Renee was successful. Kennedy grew up to have a good career as a prominent model and a boyfriend 15 years later. She has worked for Justice Clothing, American Girl, and Disney since she was a little model.

Renee was heartbroken when she learned from her physicians that her baby would be placed for adoption soon after she gave birth. Fortunately, another mother, who has a daughter with the same issue as Kennedy, claims that her daughter still has a bright and hopeful future ahead of her.

Kennedy underwent a risky spine operation that was ultimately successful. She discovered a liking for singing and modeling soon after. She’s signed deals with companies like KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management, which have helped her develop her skills and got her into auditions in Hollywood and New York City.

She has acted on stage and on TV shows such as This Is Us and 9-1-1 over the years.

Kennedy also began dating Matthew, a 19-year-old who suffers from the same illness as Kennedy. A good chat has piqued his interest and swayed him.

“He immediately came over and handed Kennedy his phone and said, ‘I think my phone is broken because your number is missing,'” Renee explained.

“When the pediatrician informed me I needed to place her in an institution, I was distraught. It’s incredible how ignorant they’ve all become, and this was only 15 years ago. I believe there has been improvement. Everywhere we went, Kennedy was warmly welcomed.” Renee told The Mighty about her daughter’s life story with pride.

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