An 11-year-old Boy Hikes 1700 miles from Sicily to Britain in 93 Days to Reunite with Grandmother

Due to the pandemic, all flights have been canceled!

11-year-old Romeo Cox was so desperate to see his 77-year-old grandma Rosemary that he resolved to walk from Italy to the United Kingdom via Switzerland and France. Romeo and his parents relocated to Italy around a year ago, and he hasn’t been able to see his grandmother in the UK since then. He intended to see her in late Spring, but he did not anticipate the COVID-19 epidemic canceling all flights. The incident did not deter Romeo from making his way to his grandmother… on foot!

When they arrived in Britain, Romeo was looking forward to hugging his grandmother once more. When he learned that all flights from Italy to the United Kingdom had been canceled owing to the epidemic, he was devastated. He and his grandmother were close, therefore this did not prevent him from visiting her. Since his grandmother stayed alone, he couldn’t stop worrying, so he decided to trek back to England.

Romeo’s parents were opposed to his plan, but he pleaded with them, and they reluctantly agreed after seeing his genuine concern for his grandmother. Romeo and his father set out on foot from Italy to Britain via Switzerland and France on June 20, walking 2,735 kilometers and spending 93 days in the process.

Along the trip, Romeo and his father had numerous experiences, including camping and sleeping under the stars, being chased by wild dogs, and taming a wild donkey. Romeo’s feet began to blister, but that didn’t stop him from continuing on his journey. They worked as volunteers in refugee camps when they landed in France, raising almost £13,600 (about $17,443.15 USD) for the organization. On September 21, they arrived in the United Kingdom.

When Romeo and his father landed in the United Kingdom, they were confined for 14 days before being allowed to see their grandmother Rosemary. When Romeo saw his grandmother, he couldn’t help but leap into her arms, and the excitement on his face could no longer be hidden. Grandma Rosemary was so excited to see Romeo that she rushed out of her house and greeted him with open arms. The touching scene has touched the hearts of many people.

Hiking is exciting and enjoyable, but it is easier to plan than to execute. Romeo persists on hiking for more than three months in order to return to the United Kingdom and meet his loving grandma, as he has vowed to do so.

“We shared the best hug ever,” Romeo told Triangle News. I’ve been missing her terribly.” “Seeing Romeo start off on his journey simply to be with me feels so sweet,” Rosemary responded. We can be inspired by children.”

Randolph, a friend of his father’s who immigrated to Italy from Ghana, motivated Romeo’s fundraising for the Refugee Education Across Conflicts Trust.


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