High School Students Doing Class ‘Baby’ Project Realize Just How Hard Parenting Is

It’s been said that you don’t completely understand what it’s like to be a parent until you become one, and a group of high school kids just discovered this. The teenagers were charged with caring for high-tech dolls that mimicked the feeding, sleeping, and crying patterns of actual babies as part of a class assignment. Let’s just say that following this undertaking, these teenagers have a newfound respect for their own parents.

Many high schools offer students the opportunity to take a child development or parenting subject.

The course not only teaches students about children’s physical and psychological development, but it also allows them to practice parenting with the assistance of simulation dolls.

After a long weekend of caring for their dolls, one class has gone viral.

Chippewa Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, released a photo of the infants in their classroom after spending a few days at home with classmates who were responsible for their care on Facebook.

“The babies have returned! I’m looking forward to class discussions regarding the weekend’s experience learning. This Monday morning, everyone seemed to be a little fatigued “In a Facebook post, the school stated.

The school also provided text communications between the pupils and their instructor as they had their first taste of parenthood, in addition to the photo.

The instructor gave pupils her phone number in case they had any issues over the weekend, and they eagerly accepted her assistance.

This student, for example, discovered the hard way that infants cannot be carried in a backpack. Wrap the infant in a blanket!

One student wonders if crying for 20 minutes is typical for newborns.

LOL! Try something like two hours of nonstop sobbing.

At the very least, these dolls appear to have done a very decent job at imitating actual newborns.

This unfortunate kid was only looking for some “peaceful time.”

This student is relatable to parents all across the world. I hate to admit it, but there is no such thing as quiet time when you’re a mom.

At the very least, several students were forthright about their parenting “mistakes.”

As in the case of this student who accidentally dropped their kid down the stairwell. At the very least, it didn’t perish!

These teenagers were given a crash course on real-life infant scheduling.

Is it possible to have a baby that sleeps all day and wakes up all night? Yes, that appears to be the case.

I believe these youngsters got a true sense of what it takes to be a parent.

This pupil was at their wit’s end and requested that their doll be turned off by their teacher. Every parent has experienced exhaustion and frustration while caring for their own children.

This endeavor most likely taught these pupils something useful.

It’s fantastic to see that seminars like these are still available, because they give teenagers a realistic understanding of how much labor parenthood entails.


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