15-yo Boy Builds Street Library So That Kids In His Neighborhood Could Read Books

While playing outside is enjoyable, this 15-year-old from Davao City, Philippines, believes that reading is equally so. That is why he established a street library where everyone may peruse the books.

Lorenzo “Enzo” Puentespina’s incredible initiative to establish a street library in his community just went viral.

He planned for the library, which he dubbed Lib of Positivity, to be a place where he could assist his classmates study, but he had no idea how fast it became a popular among readers.

Unlike other libraries, the street library merely had a modest covering over it and used discarded trays as shelves.

Nonetheless, the youngsters had a wide range of books to choose from, including Christian living, Math, Science, and English, as well as Physical Education, Science, and Literature. Anyone, at any time, can access the books.

For individuals who chose to read the books at the ‘library,’ there were also chairs and a table adjacent to it.

Lorenzo was shocked when the street library became viral, not just among the youngsters in the area but also on the internet, but he was thrilled to learn that others were satisfied with the facility.

“Waking up, stepping outdoors, and seeing all these youngsters reading my books makes me very pleased.” “I see their smiles, and that truly brightens my day,” Lorenzo remarked.

Lorenzo believes that because the street library was a major popularity in the community, it may serve as an inspiration for others to build their own little library.

“It would be fantastic if you could build your own neighborhood libraries.” He remarked, “Why not share the joy of reading there as well?”

You are always welcome to give books to Lorenzo’s Lib of Positivity, even if you do not feel like starting a street library as Lorenzo did.

Donations can be dropped off or shipped to Lorenzo Puentespina at the same location on Bolcan St. Agdao, Davao City.

Puentespina Orchids, Cedar Hills Garden Center, 57 Mother Ignacia St., Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City, may also accept or send books.


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