13-yo Boy Goes Viral For Taking Care Of His Younger Siblings After Their Parents Left

Manuel Olivares, 13, had no option but to serve as a parent for his three younger siblings when his mother died of an illness and his father abandoned their home.

The four siblings share a small rented room in Trece Martires, Cavite, where they live in a tight area.

Manuel is the fourth of seven siblings, however he inherited the title of eldest after his older siblings moved out.

Manuel would get up early every day to prepare breakfast for his siblings and send them to school.

He usually prepares whatever food they have left, and the siblings frequently eat rice with soy sauce on the side because that is all they can afford.

Manuel would go to his neighbors after sending his younger siblings to school and beg them to allow him pick some mangoes to sell at the market.

He can get Php 100 (US$ 1.96) for a sack of mangoes on his fortunate day when he is allowed to select some fruits. Manuel then spends the money on rice for himself and his siblings.

When he is not allowed to pick mangoes, the adolescent kid will go about the neighborhood, rummaging among the rubbish for recyclables to sell at the junk store.

Many times, due to his unpredictably bad luck, the youngster has been unable to provide food for his siblings.

Fortunately, their caring neighbor, Neptuno “Nick” Jabonita, who regularly feeds the children, felt compelled to do more to assist the needy family.

Nick sought assistance from his friends, and it was Michael Abucayan who insisted on enrolling the younger siblings in school.

After some parents discovered that the children had to wear the same uniform for three days in a row, they were able to obtain some secondhand school uniforms for the siblings.

They were able to establish “Mission Possible,” a nonprofit initiative to assist the siblings in resuming their lives, with the support of writer Julius Babao.

Manuel and his siblings got sacks of rice and other commodities as part of the initiative, as well as foam mattresses, pillows, a cabinet, and other equipment in order to start their own tiny convenience store and earn a livelihood.

Manuel no longer needs to rely on his neighbors’ sympathies to sell some mangoes in order to feed his brothers, thanks to their next-door neighbor Nick.

Although it may be difficult, we feel Manuel will be an excellent brother and dad to his younger siblings.

Here’s a video of Manuel and his siblings.

You can see the video here!


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