Toddler Says ‘Hi’ And Then Strange Man Spends 45 Minutes Letting Her Draw On His iPad And Watching Cartoons Together

Perhaps the great majority of us will agree that commuting to the airport is at best a dreadful experience. They’re frequently busy, with people rushing from one location to another or sitting for lengthy periods of time with little to do but cast the occasional glimpse at the departure board.

While at the airport with his 16-month-old daughter, author and public speaker Kevin Armentrout may have expected similar frustrations. His experience, however, was so unforgettable that he felt compelled to share it with the rest of the world.

The plot of Armentrout’s narrative revolves around his child, Carter Jean, and an unusual acquaintance she made named Joseph Wright.

Joseph Wright, from Oklahoma, is a sales manager who also happens to have a golden heart.

Joseph formed a friendship with Carter Jean Armentrout, which overburdened her father Kevin with emotion.

Kevin realized he needed to document their meeting on Facebook, so he wrote the following:

“Last night, while waiting to board our jet, [Carter Jean] was being her typical inquisitive self, wanting to meet and say ‘H’ to everyone she could,” he wrote.

“He extended his hand and asked if she wanted to sit with him. He took out his tablet and demonstrated how to doodle on it; they watched cartoons together; and she offered him cookies. This wasn’t a quick transaction; it took 45 minutes. I couldn’t help but think, different genders, different ethnicities, different generations, and the best of friends as I watched them. This is what the rest of the world desires for her.

“I want her life to be filled with experiences like these in a country that is constantly nourished and profoundly divided by beliefs HUMAN, not liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, socialist or capitalist.”

Furthermore, in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Armentrout stated that Joseph had displayed an endearing patience with his daughter.

“She shouted and tried to get into his work calendar a few times, but he couldn’t care less,” he said.

Fortunately, Armentrout’s message found its way to Joseph’s friends, who were unaffected by the sentence.

At the time of writing, Kevin’s post has 386,000 likes and more than 153,000 shares on Facebook.


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