TWO IN A MILLION !! No One Believes They Are Twins Because One Is White And The Other Is Black

These two females are identical sisters, despite the fact that they don’t appear to be at first sight.

Marcia and Millie Biggs, both 11, are frequently mistaken for closest friends – yet one was born black and the other white in a “one-in-a-million” scenario.

When the sisters were born in July 2006, they appeared to be nearly similar, but the remarkable variances between them quickly became obvious.

When Marcia and Millie Biggs were born in July 2006, they looked virtually similar. However, parents Amanda and

Michael observed some unexpected changes after a few months. Millie’s skin and hair darkened, and they assumed Marcia would follow suit.

Marcia’s skin and hair, on the other hand, got noticeably lighter. Millie received her father’s brown skin and black curly hair, while Amanda acquired her pale complexion and golden hair. Aside from that, their physical features are quite similar.

Amanda and Michael, a mixed-race couple expecting twins, had a one-in-500 chance of having infants with varied skin colors.

Mum’s miraculous “one in a million” moment

Mum “When they were first born, I would be pushing them in the pram, and people would look at me, then look at my one daughter, then look at my other daughter,” Amanda, who refers to them as her “one in a million” miracle, said.

It was necessary to inform the school that they were twins.

The Birmingham twins began secondary school last year at King Solomon International Business School in Aston, Birmingham.

Amanda, 46, had to inform their professors that they were in fact twins.

What is the difference between non-identical and fraternal twins?

When two distinct eggs are fertilized and implanted into the mother’s womb, non-identical twins, also known as fraternal twins, result.

Fraternal twins are no more similar than any other siblings since they are born from two different eggs.

It’s also possible that non-identical twins are of different sexes.

Millie and Marcia, for example, received various features from each father at the time of conception.

The girls said they were looking forward to meeting new people and starting courses on their first day of secondary school.


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