Father Does Not Have Enough Money To Throw A Birthday Party For His Little Daughter, So He Buys Her A Slice Of Cake And A Candle (VIDEO)

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a parent’s love for their child; we would do everything for our children, even if we were going through tough times and just scraping by at the end of the month.

After all, we all know that a child is content when their parents and relatives are content as well — even if they are poor.

And it takes very little to rejoice in the happiness of our mutual life and love.

Antônio Carlos Ferreira da Silva is well aware of the situation.

Antônio is a 28-year-old father who lives in Brazil with his middle-class family and adores his five-year-old daughter Emmanuelly Fayad.

Antonio earns a career as a bricklayer, but he doesn’t make a lot of money, which is why he ran into a significant difficulty when he discovered he didn’t have enough money to throw Emmanuelly a nice birthday party.

Antônio didn’t want to watch his young child weep, so he determined that he would make Emmanuelly’s day exceptional in any way he could. What he did was captured on tape and shared on Instagram, and it melted everyone’s heart…

Because he didn’t have enough money to have a proper birthday celebration, Antônio purchased a slice of cake, topped it with a lovely candle, and took it home, much to the delight of Emmanuelly. The 5-year-old couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her father come with a slice of cake and a lighted candle on a saucer brightening the room. Little Emmanuelly was taken aback by the surprise and burst into tears. But, of course, they were happy tears.

Larissa Cristina Fayad Silva, Antonio’s wife and Emmanuelly’s mother, captured the touching event; as you can see in the video below, Antônio was unable to return from work early to celebrate his daughter’s fifth birthday. After completing his work at the construction site, he had the bright and touching idea of purchasing a slice of cake and a candle to ensure that Emmanuelly would have a special day.

Isn’t this the sweetest father-daughter moment you’ve ever seen?


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