Son Surprises His Parents by Paying off Their Mortgage for Christmas

On Christmas Day in 2014, a New York-based software developer sat down on a couch with his mother, father, and beloved dog. He handed them a little dog-eared envelope and said he had “one more present for them.”

Festive events, like Christmas, draw people together by engaging in feel-good moments, making delectable feasts, and sharing thoughtful gifts.

While parents are unlikely to get presents from their children, it is a wonderful experience, especially if the gift is meaningful and personal.

[Left] Riquelme's mother proceeds to open the envelope. [Right] Riquelme sharing an emotional hug with his father. | Photo:


Joe Riquelme’s parents had no idea that their son was plotting a Christmas miracle for them. They had no idea they were in for a big surprise when they sat with their cherished kid to spend some quality time together.

Riquelme captured the touching scene in which he sat between his parents and their dog. His father was leaning against his son’s shoulder.

The young man then withdrew a little dog-eared envelope from the pocket of his hooded hoodie. His father peered inside to see what his kid was up to, and his mother worried what was within.

Riquelme's mom hands over the envelope to her husband after reading it. | Photo: Photo:


Riquelme spoke these remarks to his parents as he handed them the white envelope to his mother:

“I’ve got one more present for you.”

His mother began unwrapping the envelope with a puzzled face and no idea what was going on. The mail contained a handwritten message and bank documentation indicating their house had been paid off, much to her amazement.

Riquelme's parents were overwhelmed with emotions the moment they opened the envelope. | Photo:


His mother was overcome with delight and a swirl of emotions as she struggled to absorb what her son had just done for them. She then started reading the note her son had tucked into the envelope:

“Your mortgage has been paid off. Christmas greetings. – Joe (emphasis added).”

A little box Riquelme had created in the bottom right corner of the same handwritten statement contained a list of three things his parents had done for their family: raising children, college loans, and mortgage. All three of them had check marks next to them.

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His distraught mother then delivered the package to her husband and smothered her kid with hugs and kisses. The father and son had an emotional hug after checking over the bank paperwork and the touching message.

Riquelme has worked in the semiconductor sector since graduating from the University of California at Davis. He launched the New York-based firm Videoshop in 2013, which is a video-editing tool for iOS users.

On December 27, 2014, the successful software developer posted the touching video to his YouTube channel. The viral video has received 11,281,105 views so far, with countless netizens like and commenting.


“I adore how they’re all cuddling up on the sofa before he even gives them the present,” one person said. Another was added:

“You can sense the load leave the father’s soul as he breathes, this is absolutely the most lovely thing guys…(sic).”

Riquelme also made a heartfelt statement on Facebook, in which he uploaded a collage of the wonderful YouTube video.

Riquelme’s Christmas gift to his parents was not only unique, but also meaningful.


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