3-year-old Boy’s Reaction To Being Bullied For Being Ginger Is Heartbreaking

We live in a society where others tend to minimize our worth and make us feel useless in order to achieve their own selfish objectives. Bullying is a term used to describe this type of humiliating behavior.

Bullying may happen to anybody at any time. It’s there in people’s daily lives, but I believe it most affects little children, who are defenseless and often unable to stand up and speak for themselves.

Noah Gilbert, 3, is a nice little kid with ginger hair. And, despite the fact that he used to adore his appearance, some harsh individuals made fun of his hair color, crushing his self-esteem. His mother is now attempting to tell Noah’s experience in order to raise awareness about bullying.

Noah and his mother Lauren were boarding a bus when the awful episode occurred. A bunch of teens began laughing at Noah’s hair color and made some hurtful remarks, breaking the boy’s heart.

“I would hate for my child to be ginger, I would murder it,” one speaker said, while another said, “all kids with ginger hair should go immediately to social services.”

Even though Noah was only three years old, he understood that they were talking about him and couldn’t comprehend why someone would say such hurtful things.

The child became so enraged that when he returned home, he began to wonder why he couldn’t have blonde hair like his brother.

Lauren wrote a Facebook post in response to his brother’s heartbreaking response, which went viral in the blink of an eye.

“He hasn’t stopped asking me why people don’t like his hair,” she wrote. He requested if I could make some changes for him so that people would appreciate it. Every time he asks, I can feel my heart shattering.

“It’s not appropriate to bully someone because of their hair color right now.” “Never, ever.”

People defended Noah, claiming that he is the prettiest young child in the planet, and that his ginger care makes him even more special.

Lauren said, “This has had such tremendous impact on Noah, it’s simply unjust.” “I, too, have naturally ginger hair and recall being bullied as a child, but not as early as three.”

Lauren wants the teenagers to take responsibility for their actions. She even got in touch with the principal of the school where they both go.


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