A Bride Has Sparked Outrage After Strapping Her Newborn Daughter Onto The Train Of Her Wedding Dress As She Walked Down The Aisle

After tying her newborn baby to her wedding gown and dragging her down the aisle, a bride is facing backlash.

The horrific photo was shared on Reddit, and it drew backlash for the infant being placed in the folds of the bride’s garment as the couple went down the aisle. The infant looked to be positioned and fastened at the bottom of her bridal gown, drawing the attention of all the guests to the baby in the photograph. The event occurred in 2014, but the photograph was recently revived on the Reddit community r/weddingshaming.

SC, a Tennessee native, can be seen strolling down the church aisle arm in arm with a guy, her baby, Aubrey, trailing after her in the folds of her long white gown, according to the Daily Star. SC said that her 1-month-old daughter was “awake and safe.”

Mrs SC recruited the assistance of her little baby during her wedding to JB last month at the Elam Baptist Church in Ripley, which she managed to fit into the back of her long trail.

The couple, who live in Jackson, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville, are said to have only had their baby girl, Aubrey, a month before to the wedding.

Her gown, which is said to be from Vera Wang’s diffusion brand, White by VW, and costs between $400 and $1400, looks to have been changed to accommodate the infant.

When the photo was shared online, SC was called out and attacked for fastening her infant to her clothes. After seeing the photograph, Redditors were shocked. One person was skeptical that the image was real. “Please, God, please tell me that isn’t a living baby… “And if it is, why isn’t somebody chasing her down to save the baby?” a Redditor wondered.

After the photo went viral, SC responded to the criticism.

“People are questioning everything we do, making all bad comments, and simply performing the bare minimum. We are excellent, despite the fact that we are coated with Blood, which never loses its potency. So here’s what I’m going to say to the media, radio, news, and anybody else who wants to speak about what WE do: Media Media I understand how it works, regardless of the scenario or intent, people are going to have something terrible to say!” she stated.

She went on to say that all that mattered was that God was on her side.

“The answer is that we do whatever we want, whenever we want, as long as we have Jesus on our side. Everything has worked out well and will continue to work out fine.” On my train, our one-month-old was awake and safe. Most importantly, while y’all had your feelings in us, we had our hearts in Christ, who covers everything!!” she stated, before boasting that the photograph was featured on the ‘top blog’ in small-town Ripley, Tennessee. “Blessed be the mess!!

Thank God we’re not famous, oh wait, we do have fans, therefore we are!” she said.

Fortunately, the infant was not harmed or wounded.

KJ, a lady who claimed to have worked as the ceremony’s wedding organizer, verified the same and backed the mother.

According to The Huffington Post, she stated the mother’s decision to ‘include’ the baby in the walk down the aisle “indicates the devotion of her mother (and father) toward caring for her kid and family.” “A GOOD mother brings her child everywhere she goes, including down the aisle,” Jordon remarked.


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