Teenager Travels 354 Km Just To Make Sure The Sick Man Could Enjoy His Favorite Pizza

The generosity and kindness of certain folks may genuinely amaze us. A teen who works at a pizza shop decided to breach the company’s “no delivery” policy for a client. In addition, the 18-year-old drank 220 milliliters of water simply to make sure the scumbag could enjoy his favorite pizza.

When Dalton Shaffer received the call, he was working at Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan. The man on the other line informed the youngster about his son-in-law, Rich Morgan, who despised the pizza at the restaurant. Despite the fact that the guy had simply requested if Steve’s could send Rich a text or a card, Shaffer decided to give the ill man his favorite pie. Despite being warned that Rich’s in Indianapolis or Steve’s does not create delivers, he insisted on doing so.

The adolescent drove seven hours roundtrip so that a dying guy might eat his favorite pizza.

So, what drove Shaffer to drive for seven hours simply to deliver two pizzas? When Rich and his wife Julie Morgan moved to Michigan 25 years ago, they were devoted clients of Steve’s. Despite the fact that they had moved on, they still claimed that the restaurant had the greatest pizza.

The two were planning to visit Steve’s, but Rich grew too ill when he returned, and he was forced to stay at home for hospital treatment.

When Julie’s father called, Shaffer happened to be working as the manager at Steve’s, which was fortunate for the pair.

The adolescent arrived at 2 a.m. and refused to accept any assistance from the thankful clients. Julie afterwards commented on Facebook about the incident.

Shaffer’s thoughtful gesture impacted Rich and Julie deeply.

Needless to say, Shaffer became an instant celebrity once the post went viral. However, the adolescent remains humble, claiming that all he wanted to do was help Rich and his family through a difficult time.

According to recent sources, Rich has died away. Rich passed gone knowing great kindness and compassion, despite his passing being heartbreaking.


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