Kids Don’t Have Money, Holding Surprising Birthday Party For Dad With Cellophane Balloons and Egg Cake

These Flpno kids didn’t have enough money to throw their father a true birthday celebration, but they still managed to surprise him by making balloons out of cellophane and an egg cake!

This lovely act went viral on the internet, prompting netizens to send their father a genuine cake. So Delightful!

To be happy, you don’t actually need a lot of money. While many individuals may disagree with such statement, there are others who can prove it time and time again.

These kids from Batangas Cty in the Philippines arranged their father a surprise birthday celebration despite the fact that they did not have a lot of money. They barely had a few coins to spare, but they managed to use what they did have to plan their father’s birthday surprise.

Because the kids didn’t have enough money for cake, they baked one out of eggs, according to Melody Slang, a neighbor who took photographs of the preparations. This neighbor was moved by the kids’ gesture since they went out of their way to surprise their father on his birthday using the resources they had at home.

The kids constructed balloons out of cellophane while waiting for their father to get home from work. The kids painted some imaginary balloons with the inscription “Happy birthday Papa” to make them seem nice. Then, using clothespins on the rope, they were hanged at the hut.

The impact is simple and sweet, but you can feel the love these kids have for their father as they joyfully planned the birthday surprise. Some netizens were so moved by their efforts that they donated them money to purchase a genuine cake for their father – and they were finally able to throw a birthday celebration for him. However, we’re confident that their father was overjoyed with the egg cake and cellophane balloons they produced.


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