Touching Moment Twin Brothers Meet For The First Time Nearly 70 Years After Being Separated At Birth

Having a twin brings with it a strong emotional bond that may be felt even when they are separated. When twin brothers George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, who were separated at birth, were reunited over 70 years later, they proved that this link is real. After decades of seeking, the Red Cross was finally able to link the two men at the age of 69.

The original mother of the twins was Polish, and she gave birth to the boys in Germany after working in a forced labor camp during WWII. The woman was sick after giving delivery, according to records. The boys were returned to Poland and adopted by two different families. The boys were not told they were adopted or that they had a twin sibling by either of their adoptive families.

When the brothers were young adults, they discovered they had been adopted. Skrzynecky obtained adoption documents and confronted his parents about their deception after Poznanski joined the service. Skrzynecky and his adoptive mother were estranged as a result of this, and he relocated to California, where he now resides. In 1960, Skrzynecky requested that the Red Cross locate his twin, but they were unable to do so at the time.

The Red Cross then tracked down Poznanski in 2015 and informed him that his brother was hunting for him. In September 2015, the twins were reunited at the airport in Warsaw, Poland, and there were many tears shed. Continue reading to discover more about these brothers and to see their heartfelt reunion.

Both brothers become tearful in a video obtained by the BBC as they discuss the loneliness of not knowing each other for their whole lives. “I’ve always wanted to know who my family is,” Skrzynecky stated. “For 70 years, I lived in a state of ignorance, convinced that I would never discover him.”

When the moment arrived, the brothers couldn’t wait to embrace one other and make up for the time they’d spent apart.

“I never knew when this day would come – I was hoping to locate my brother one day,” Skrzynecky said. “I couldn’t wait to embrace him and kiss him.”

Both brothers were keen to get to know one another after growing up without knowing their original family. “Winning the lottery isn’t important to me,” Poznanski stated. “All I want is to be with my brother.” He went on to say that he’d always had the impression he had a twin, but he assumed he was only dreaming.

When they saw one other for the first time, they both burst into tears. “These are real males who aren’t ashamed to display their feelings,” one user tweeted in response to the video.

Someone another mentioned that their biological mother would be overjoyed to see the twins reunited. “Their Mother must be beaming down on them, and she can finally rest now that her babies are back together,” they added.

According to a third commenter, “I’m overjoyed that these two gentlemen had the chance to meet. 70 years of not knowing…insane. it’s However, many individuals do not live to be 70, so the fact that they had the opportunity to meet is remarkable in and of itself.”


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