In Uncommon Wedding, Twin Girls Marry Twin Boys And Officiating Priests Are Also Twins

Twins typically occur once in 250 pregnancies, so you’re likely to meet a set of twins at some time in your life. Finding out about a set of twins who grow up and marries another set of twins is less common than knowing a pair of twins. But that is just what two pairs of Indian twins accomplished. Furthermore, they had twin priests officiate their wedding, as well as twin flower girls and page boys! That is unquestionably an unusual occurrence!

Dilraj and Dinker, twin brothers, married sisters Reema and Reena, another pair of twins, in 2015. St. Xavier’s Church in the Thrissur region of Kerala, a city in southern India, hosted their double wedding. Reji and Roji, twin priests, officiated the two marriages, and their lovely flower girls and page boys were also twins.

According to the Daily Mail, the brothers had fantasized of such a wedding since deciding years ago that they wanted to marry twin sisters. Dilraj and Dinker have finally discovered their brides-to-be after a five-year quest. In the meantime, Reema and Reena had spent three years seeking for appropriate spouses. Thankfully, the quartet met through a matrimony website.

In another interview, the brothers said that they had problems locating their spouses at initially. They revealed the following:

“The twins didn’t look alike enough.” In addition, we needed twins with comparable familial origins.”

When they met the sisters, though, it seemed like fate. The following is what they told the Daily Mail:

“When we saw Reena and Reema, we knew they were the ones we had been waiting for all along.” Fortunately, they had the same reaction when they met us.”

The brothers had previously met the twin priests, but after they found their spouses, Reji and Roji’s calendars were already filled. To perform the marriage, they had to travel hundreds of kilometres from Chennai to Thrissur. “We had to wait months for the priests to arrive (to) solemnize our wedding,” Dilraj told the magazine. Their tale went viral after they shared images of their double wedding on Facebook, and it became a worldwide phenomenon. As we previously stated, their experience is unquestionably unique!

The identical brothers confessed that they always wore the same clothing and did the same things as children. “Even on (our) matriculation test, we earned identical grades,” Dinker stated.” They both got positions at the same firm, where they work in the IT department. However, the corporation relocated them to separate parts of the nation at one time, which was a first for the brothers, who had spent their whole lives together. Dinker stated, ”

“After commencing our professional careers, we were separated for the first time in our lives.” I was assigned to the north of India, whereas Dilraj was dispatched to the far south.”

The sisters, like their brothers, choose the same profession as each other and are also nurses.


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