Couple Shares Secret to Marriage on 75th Anniversary at Wedding They Never Got in 1946

Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson of West Virginia had the white wedding they never wanted for their 75th anniversary celebration.

And they were surrounded by five generations of relatives this time!

It was 1946 when Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson first said “I do,” and their ceremony was significantly different from the traditional wedding. Lorraine wore a crimson suit, while Ulysses wore his Army uniform, as World War II had just finished.

Of all, even without the typical church wedding, the weddings brought two people together who were profoundly in love.

They went on to have nine children together, and their love only developed and evolved over the course of their 75-year marriage.

When it came time to celebrate Ulysses and Lorraine’s 75th wedding anniversary, their family came up with the most creative way to honor their great love story!

The family gathers to commemorate the 75th anniversary.

As the couple’s anniversary date approached, all it needed was a remark from Lorraine to start planning the celebration.

The Dawson family decided that a conventional church wedding would be the ideal way to commemorate Lorraine and Ulysses’ 75th wedding anniversary.

Lorraine was dressed in a stunning white gown this time. Ulysses donned a facsimile of the Army uniform he wore when he and Lorraine first met and married as a proud veteran.

Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson said “I do” for the second time in the magnificent wedding ceremony they never got to experience in 1946, with five generations of their family assembled for the 75th anniversary celebration.

Even after 75 years, everyone could see how much these two loved one other.

It is a tremendous blessing to be able to celebrate a 75th wedding anniversary. Lorraine and Ulysses Dawson are the best examples of this.

The pair was also delighted to share their secret with people seeking advise on how to have such a long and loving marriage.


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