Breastfeeding Mother Makes Hilarious Move After Being Told To Cover Up By A Stranger

After a stranger advised her to cover up, a breastfeeding mother made a humorous move, and a photo of the event went viral.

Melanie Dudley was in a restaurant in the United States nursing her 12-week-old kid when a stranger approached her and instructed her to cover up. Even though she was facing diners, the stranger intimated that she shouldn’t be feeding her son in a public setting.

She threw a blanket over her head instead of covering her son, which was snapped by a fellow diner. The photo was shared on social media and quickly went viral. The photograph was shared over a quarter of a million times on Facebook and was extensively disseminated across other social media platforms.

According to Dudley, who spoke to media,

“I was on vacation with my complete family in Cabo San Lucas when a man urged me to cover myself. I’m normally reserved, but we were seated in the restaurant’s back section. I had the cover on, but it was unbearably hot. It was around 95 degrees outside, and my small infant was sweating profusely. ‘You know what?’ I said. ‘I’m on vacation, therefore I’m going to take this off.'”

She continued:

“I simply wore it over my head. I’m not sure why. It wasn’t like it was a macho brawl or something. That was all I had to say. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I decided to cover my head. If there’s a greater message here, it’s to just show support. I’m hoping the momentum continues to build. Let’s show our support for women who wish to breastfeed in public, whether or not they’re using a cover. Just do your thing, I mean. It isn’t causing any harm to anyone.”

The caption on the shared post reads:

“While nursing her infant, a friend’s daughter-in-law was advised to ‘cover up,’ so she did! I’ve never met her, but she’s fantastic!!! I’ve made this article public with permission since I’m sick of people condemning women for breastfeeding!!!

PS: To dispel rumors, she was requested to cover up by a male, the temperature was 90 degrees and extremely humid, and she wasn’t in a Muslim nation violating traditions.”


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