Rich Woman Learns Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Goes to Abandoned Building Every Day after School

A wealthy mom is astounded to learn what her 10-year-old daughter has been doing every day after school at an abandoned building.

Jessica Harding gave her daughter everything she wanted, from a pony to the most up-to-date technologies, but Julia’s greatest want was for a father. Jessica revealed to Julia that her father passed away before she was born.

Jessica had informed Julia that Derek Harding had been a lovely and nice guy who was looking forward to the birth of their first child before he died in a car accident at the age of 32. Julia had no idea that what she had heard was a deception.

Derek, it turned out, had gone on a business trip to Seattle and never returned. Jessica, who was seven months pregnant at the time, had driven Derek herself to the airport.

Even back then, he appeared aloof, too quiet, telling her he couldn’t communicate because he was suffering from a headache. He went away, ticket in hand, without looking back. Jessica hadn’t seen him since.

Jessica had slipped into a severe melancholy, and it was only the birth of her baby two months later that she was able to pull herself out of her despair. Julia had been the focus of her universe, and she had made up her mind early on that she would not learn of their abandoning.

So she destroyed every photo and remembrance of Derek and only spoke of him in the most general terms, emphasizing his generosity and athleticism — similar to Julia.

Fortunately, Jessica’s family was affluent, and she got a considerable inheritance a few years before marrying Derek, allowing her to luxuriously support herself and her daughter.

Julia had everything she want. Jessica purchased Julia a pony when she wanted to learn to ride a horse, and she enrolled her in ballet school when she wanted to learn to dance.

Despite Jessica’s reckless indulgence of her daughter, Julia was not spoilt. She was a nice, kind young lady with a strong sense of empathy. She began returning from her trips in the park with her nanny with’sick’ butterflies and caterpillars, and once a young bird, from the time she could walk.

Julia wanted to cure the world if it was hurting, and it was her lovely benevolence that got her into a big fight with her mother. Julia went to ballet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the driver would generally pick her up.

Even the most heinous wounds can sometimes carry the key to their own recovery.

After Jessica chastised the driver for constantly being almost an hour late from ballet, he said that Julia was the one who always arrived late and in filthy clothing.

Jessica inquired, perplexed, about Julia’s plans after ballet, but her daughter only shrugged and said faintly. As a result, she resolved to track down Julia and solve the riddle on her own.

Jessica was parked outside the dancing academy the next Tuesday when she watched all the girls come out — and then she noticed Julia slipping past her car, crouched behind the fence.

Jessica exited the vehicle and pursued her daughter. Julia strolled into an abandoned building at the end of the street, much to her surprise. Jessica followed her in and watched her sprint towards a shadowy person.

“I’m here!” Julia sobbed. “I brought you ham sandwiches, chocolate milk, and warm socks…” The figure raised its head at the sound of Julia’s voice, and Jessica had a vague image of huge eyes set in a skeletal, ravaged face.

She cried, “Julia!” “What exactly are you up to? Now is the time to return!” Julia shifted her gaze to her mother. She dropped the sandwiches and other objects she was holding in her hands because she was terrified.

She exclaimed, “Mom!” “Oh, mum,” I say, “this is my pal, and he’s hungry.” Jessica, on the other hand, had reached Julia in two steps, grabbed her arm, and was yanking her away from that dreadful dark apparition.

Julia overheard a long and vehement speech about the dangers of slipping away from school and into danger, particularly while alone with strangers in an abandoned building.

Julia said, “But mom, he’s not a stranger!” “He’s been my friend for two years and has never done anything bad to me!”

Jessica said fiercely, “You were simply lucky, that’s all!” “However, Julia, I want you to PROMISE me that you will NEVER, EVER see that man again!” Julia cried, but she promised, which calmed Jessica down a little.

She knew her daughter was a trustworthy youngster, and she hoped that her good nature would keep her out of trouble.

Jessica had pushed the event with the homeless guy to the back of her mind for months, but fate wasn’t finished with her yet.

She was driving Julia to her end-of-year dancing performance when she heard her daughter yell, “Stop, mom, PLEASE, PLEASE STOP!”

Jessica brought the car to a halt, and Julia had unbuckled her seat belt, opened the door, and jumped out of the vehicle before she could even inquire what was wrong.

Jessica noticed herself crouching by the side of a prone figure laying half-buried in snow on the pavement. “Mom, it’s my friend, and I think he’s extremely sick!” Julia said.

Jessica got out of the car and walked up to Julia, who was softly massaging the unconscious man’s forehead, and saw his face for the first time. She exclaimed, “Derek!” “Oh, my goodness! It’s not possible…”

Jessica grabbed for her phone and dialed 911, then knelt beside her daughter and peered down at the stranger who was wearing her husband’s face. The man was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and Jessica and Julia followed him in their car.

The medics informed her that the man was in a coma, and they were taken aback when she identified the vagabond as her husband. “He went, abandoned us…” she murmured, her tone sharpened by the old sorrow.

“One of the physicians stated,” one of the doctors said “This man, ma’am, has an advanced brain tumor that has been spreading for 10 to fifteen years. Did your hubby have memory loss and headaches?”

Jessica smiled and nodded. “Yes, he did! He was so forgetful that he had to jot down everything, and he suffered from headaches…”

“”Then it’s conceivable that he just forgot who he was and that you even existed,” the doctor replied kindly. He may begin to recall if we remove the tumor, which is benign…”

“He…He didn’t forsake me?” Jessica wondered, her cheeks heating with searing tears. Jessica brought her kid into her arms as the doctor shook his head, ‘No.’ She yelled out, “Oh honey.” “You brought your father back to you!”

Jessica revealed to Julia later, when she was much calmer, who that man was and why she’d told her he was dead. “But he wasn’t, because he lost himself and forgot about us!”

The man opened his eyes two weeks after his surgery to find Jessica sitting in a chair next to his bed. He scowled and appeared perplexed. He said, “You…” “I’ve had nightmares about you…”

Jessica grasped Derek’s hand in hers and squeezed it tightly. “Oh my dear, this isn’t a dream!” she said, a smile on her face.

Derek took her hand in his and then gazed at her face. “Jessica?” he asked quietly. “Jessy, what happened to the baby?”

Of course, they informed Derek what had happened and how much time had passed slowly, but the day had finally come for him to hold his daughter.

Julia had dragged her long-missing father out of the horror he’d been living in and back into his family’s arms by some bizarre twist of destiny.


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