Helping Deliver Her Best Friend’s Baby, Woman Realizes It’s Her Husband’s Child After Spotting Birthmark

Before she realized it was her husband’s baby, this woman took her pregnant friend in, assisted with the birth, and brought the mother and child home.

Hailey Custer, 28, of Arizona, was overjoyed to learn that her best friend was expecting a baby and eagerly offered to help by giving the baby her first bath and bringing her home from the hospital after birth. The woman had no idea she was caring for her husband’s baby, who had secretly cheated on her best friend.

The 28-year-old detailed how she was married to Travis Bowling, 36, for six years before discovering he was having an affair with her. He had affairs with various women and fathered children outside of their marriage while the couple had four children together.

Hailey only realized the truth once she became pregnant and decided to take in her homeless closest friend. “I heard stories that my acquaintance was pregnant and homeless, so I contacted her,” she explained. “We are all charming individuals, so we all all had had that propensity to be charismatic around each other and make jokes. We are all charismatic people, so we all had that nature to be charismatic around each other and make jokes. There was nothing there that I could see. “I was a naive young man…”

Hailey brought the mother and child home after the baby’s delivery and discovered a rare heredity birth abnormality on their neck that was identical to her husband’s birthmark.

“We had just gotten home from the hospital, and I was changing the baby when the birth defect sprang out…” Hailey recalled. “I felt it and was like, ‘OK,’ and then this shock came over me,” the woman continued. I could tell when I realized my friend was standing next to me because I looked at her. She couldn’t say anything, so she just lowered her head and gazed at the ground, and I knew what she was thinking. There were no words spoken; I simply knew.”

Hailey discovered that her husband had cheated on her with at least 30 different women as her husband’s lies unraveled. This wicked man even fathered two children with two different women while they were married.

“I was in a lot of shock at first, I couldn’t really grasp what had occurred, it was almost like a stage of sorrow,” Hailey explained.

“Like you have your astonishment, your rage, and then you realize this is truly real life, this is actually occurring.”

“I moved into that father figure role before I found out,” she continued, “and I was there for her every step of the way.” I wore the daddy wristband even in the hospital, and when daughter got her epidural, she laid on me. I was the one who bathed the infant for the first time.”

Although it took some time for Hailey to accept the situation, she eventually did, and she even let her best friend to stay with her. “We have this innocent child who had no say in this entire circumstance, you have someone who has nowhere to go, who has no family, we’re not going to throw them out on the streets,” Hailey added.

“I kept thinking of my kids; at the end of the day, that child is their blood brother, and I’m not going to harm that child.”

As a result, she decided to stay with us.”

Hailey is now telling the world about her experience so that others can learn about it.

She said: “When I forgive myself, it means I’m forgiving myself because I can’t continue to be sick.”


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