Son Tries To Buy His Late Father’s Squad Car But Is Outbid, Then The Highest Bidder Says “Here Is Your Car”

Tanner Brownlee, a kid who was killed in the line of duty as a police officer in 2010, has been attempting to collect as many artifacts of value relating to his late father as possible. Tanner Brownlee was given mementos like the motorcycle jacket that his father wore as an officer shortly after his father passed away. Tanner began looking for methods to obtain his father’s old police car in 2015, when he learned that it might be auctioned.

Tanner was able to gather approximately $3500 thanks to his internet fundraising website. He was concerned that because this sum was still much below the car’s worth, he would be unable to obtain it. Surprisingly, when a kind stranger stepped forward and performed the unimaginable, things did not go as planned. As a result, this individual purchased the automobile at auction and gave it to Brownlee.

Tanner’s desired police cruiser was priced at $12,500, but he was taken aback when one of the bidders offered $60,000. Steve Wells, a local rancher, was the man in question.

Tanner thought there was no way he’d be able to obtain his father’s old police vehicle at this point. However, something unexpected happened at that same time.

Steve walked over to Tanner and handed him the keys. “It’s your automobile,” he said. Tanner was taken aback by this lovely display of charity. The adolescent stood up and thanked Steve for his generosity and kindness.

This incredible scene has captivated viewers all across the world. Tanner was overjoyed to learn that he had finally gotten his hands on his father’s old police vehicle.


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