Old Couple Is In Tears After Violin Serenade Surprise On Wedding Anniversary

The internet is surrounded by a moving video in which we can watch two older lovers receive a nice surprise.

They vowed each other eternal faithfulness 67 years ago, and a violin performance drove them to tears on their wedding anniversary a few months ago.

The pair in the film met when they were 15 years old and have been together ever since. They will soon be 90 years old, and on their 67th wedding anniversary last year, they were surprised with a very heartwarming gesture.

To commemorate their long and happy marriage, they organized a sympathetic violin performance for their grandparents. They both expressed their love for one other on their anniversary.

Take a look at how Grandpa and Grandma were moved to tears on their 67th wedding anniversary by a caring surprise.

Will they also dazzle you with their emotional response?


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