Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next To Her Twin. She Gives Her A ‘Hug’ And It Leads To A Miracle

It’s no secret that human touch has the ability to convey affection in ways that words can’t always.

Touch may sometimes reveal the closeness of family members. In certain cases, it might even have an effect on a person’s physical recovery.

In 1995, this technique was employed to assist save a baby’s life.
Paul Jackson of Worchester, Massachusetts, was the father of preterm twin daughters who were born 12 weeks early and weighed barely 2 pounds.

According to CNN, he was advised that while the infants appeared to be doing OK, they might deteriorate within 42 to 78 hours.

Little Brielle had trouble breathing when she was three weeks old. Things didn’t look good for the small infant, with her heart racing, her oxygen level dropping, and her skin going blue.

NICU A novel therapy was proposed by the nurse.

She wanted to try putting Kyrie, the twin who was physically doing better, in the same incubator as Brielle.

The nurse hoped that the skin-to-skin contact would help the weaker sibling.

Kyrie slid her little arm around her sister’s body almost instinctively. The gesture was dubbed a “rescuing embrace” by the media. Surprisingly, the therapy appeared to be effective!

Brielle’s breathing and vital signs improved dramatically almost immediately. Her sister’s touch seemed to be precisely what the tiny twin needed to become more stable and tranquil.

You might be wondering what happened to the twins who received national exposure for their “rescue hug” therapy.

We are happy to report that both of them have developed properly and are now absolutely healthy adults.

They’ve known one other their entire lives. When they’re both attempting to communicate the same thought at the same time, they frequently remark they think the same thing, finish one other’s sentences, and interrupt each other!


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