Little Boy Goes Door to Door Begging for Food for Sick Mom, Then Local Priest Follows His Trail

Bobby began begging for food in Winterset, Iowa, but no one knew where he lived until Father Harris tracked him down to the town’s outskirts. The priest then realized what was really going on.

In Winerset, Iowa, almost everyone knew each other. This little village, where Father Harris grew up, was a close-knit community. That’s why he was taken aback when several of his parishioners mentioned a little child in the neighborhood.

“Yes, Father,” I say. Every few of days, a small guy named Bobby comes to my house and asks for food. Mrs. Santiago informed him after Sunday mass that he couldn’t be more than seven or eight years old. “Is there anything we can do to assist him?”

“Does he simply beg for food?” the priest inquired.

“I usually give him a little bit,” she says. He said it was for his ailing mother, who was no longer able to work. When I inquired where he lived, he said, “There,” and pointed in an arbitrary direction. Mrs. Santiago explained, “I don’t believe he has a home, but I can’t say for sure.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Santiago, for bringing this to my notice. Father Harris reassured the elder mother, “I’ll look around and see if anybody else knows anything about this youngster.” However, practically everyone in town had the same sentiment.

Mr. Jenkins, an elderly guy, claimed he had seen the youngster weeping on the bus stop the other day. He attempted to approach Bobby, but the youngster bolted. Father Harris speculated that he might not be at ease with guys.

Bobby, on the other hand, mainly went to people’s houses and asked for food, then departed right away. When someone proposed coming to see his mother with him, he grew terrified, according to several people. As a result, Father Harris made the decision to act.

He eventually found the small child with the food bag strolling throughout town. The youngster was on his way to the outskirts of Winterset, which comprised of barren areas with no one in sight. The priest was now concerned.

Winterset isn’t the coldest town in the United States, but it may get chilly at that time of year. Father Harris made the decision to follow the youngster as quietly as possible. He lost sight of him at some point and had almost given up hope of locating him that night when a dog whined.

The dog was standing outside a dilapidated cottage on an empty lot. It must have been freezing inside because it was surrounded by snow. Bobby came out to check why the dog was barking, and when he saw Father Harris, his eyes widened.

“Don’t be concerned, Bobby. I’m here to assist you. I heard about you from others around town. Is it possible that your mum is inside? “May I speak with her?” While approaching closer, Father Harris enquired.

“Are you able to truly assist us?” Bobby was enquiring innocently. Bobby returned to the cabin when Father Harris assured him that he was simply there to assist. He reappeared very quickly, accompanied by a young girl of no more than four years old.

“Bobby, is this your sister?” Father Harris was confused.

“Yes. We no longer have a mother. Mom died a long time ago, and our father vanished much earlier. I was worried that tyrannical grownups would separate us. With Sparkie, we dashed here. He shielded us from harm. “However, the folks here are friendly,” Bobby added.

“Of sure, Bobby, people are kind here. Everyone is concerned about you and wants to assist you,” Father Harris stated, attempting to gain the children’s trust. Sparkie, a lovely German Shepherd, was also patted by him.

“However, we may all stay here together.” I’m looking for work. Bobby stated in a high-pitched voice, pointing behind them towards the cottage, “I can take care of my sister.”

Father Harris let out a sigh. “Bobby, you’ve already taken care of your sister.” You will, however, require assistance. This time of year, it will be too chilly. You’ll require enough shelter. But I swear to you, no one will ever be able to separate you,” the priest declared.

“How about Sparkie?” the small girl said, for the first time spoke out.

“Can you tell me your name?” Father Harris was the one who responded.


“All right, Rosie. I also guarantee that Sparkie will accompany you. Don’t be concerned. “He’s a member of your family as well,” the priest reassured them. “Will you accompany me to the church now?” I’ve prepared some delicious warm supper for you all, especially Sparkie.”

Bobby concurred, stating that the nights they had spent in the cabin had been somewhat frightening. They followed the priest after he persuaded his sister. Sparkie followed them without flinching. At the church, there was a utility room and additional cots. Everything would be set up for them by Father Harris.

Sparkie cuddled up on the floor close to their mattresses as they ate and slept. The next day, Father Harris inquired about the boy’s mother and guessed that she had died three months prior. He then contacted Child Protective Services to inquire about finding them a home.

Authorities had been seeking for the youngsters all along, according to the social worker. She thanked him for discovering them and expressed her desire to place them with a foster home as soon as possible.

Mrs. Santiago, on the other hand, advised him to inform the social worker that a couple in town had been trying to conceive for a long time. “The McCarthys are wonderful people. “I know they adore dogs, and I know they would be amazing parents,” the elder woman emphasized.

The social worker agreed after Father Harris discussed it with her, as long as the couple completed paperwork, passed an inspection, and became certified foster parents. Meanwhile, the children were cared for in the church’s utility room by Father Harris and the nuns.

Bobby and Rosie moved in with the McCarthys two weeks after they were discovered, and the McCarthys couldn’t have been more grateful to Father Harris and Mrs. Santiago for everything. Everyone in town was eager to assist them.


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