Elderly Couple Shows Up Young People And Steals Spotlight With Their Youthful Rockabilly Moves

At every stage of life, there is something absolutely wonderful about being active. We are given a huge amount of power and endurance while we are young people, which motivates us to live extremely active lifestyles. However, as we get older, our bodies begin to change, and moving around is no longer as easy as it once was. Our muscles may not warm up as quickly as they once did, and we may feel a bit more weary the next morning than we did when we were younger. More than ever, we must overcome these challenges and maintain an active lifestyle.

One couple recently demonstrated in a Facebook video that remaining active and lively is not just for the young.

Dietmar Ehrentraut, 70, and his wife, Nellia, 64, are the pair in the video. At a dancing competition in Bavaria, Germany, an Austrian pair rips up the dance floor… and their actions demonstrate that age is only a number!

It’s clear that the duo is going all out for this dancing competition as they twist and turn around the dance floor. The duo receives great applause from the audience after doing multiple swing dance partner dips and lifts. It’s extremely heartening to see that age doesn’t stop these pair from doing what they clearly enjoy.


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