Mother Lets Her 8-MO Baby Eat Dirt And Sand To ‘Build His Immune System,’ Faces Massive Outrage

Parents have the freedom to chose how they wish to raise their children, yet some methods are frowned upon by many.

People were divided over a mother’s choice to let her baby eat dirt and sand, claiming it “builds his immune system,” according to Mirror UK.

It all started when Alice Bender, a young mother, posted videos on TikTok of her eight-month-old daughter, Fern, gnawing on various objects, including a rock. The 22-year-old from Arizona, according to reports, was attempting to make a statement against the medical profession, which she believes has skewed “the public’s perception” on viruses and newborns through their “billion-dollar ads.” In one video, the mother says, “Bacteria do not bother me. In fact, I look forward to it. I have faith in both nature and my child. It’s no coincidence that newborns develop this inclination when nursing.” According to Mirror UK, the video has been seen over 12 million times.

To increase their tolerance to germs, Alice, who is raising Fern to be Vegan, believes that newborns should be exposed to microbes as long as they are nursed. “This inclination is only present in babies when they are nursing for a reason. “Our milk protects them as they develop an immune system,” the young mother explained. “Breast milk is fantastic.” The original medication is breast milk. It outperforms all man-made medicines. It outperforms all man-made medicines.

“Breast milk is living and evolving all the time to fulfill the demands of our infants,” she continued. She further claimed that after her child is no longer nursing, she would not contemplate exposing him to so much germs since “there would be nothing for him to fall back on if he were to become sick.” “We should not be at odds with nature,” she concluded. Nature is who we are. In comparison to other newborns, Fern appears to be in excellent health. In our immediate family, he is the first chubby baby. When we’re out in public, people often remark us on how healthy, calm, and aware he is,” the Mirror UK said.

The public was split on Alice’s parenting method. Some commenters were in favor of the mother “My kid isn’t entirely breastfed, but neither am I shielding him from dirt or shopping trolleys. “This is how newborns strengthen their immune systems!” one exclaimed, while another added, “Eight months and completely healthy!” Mom, you’re amazing! “.. Others were quick to voice their displeasure “Are parasites not a problem for you? “What would you do to keep him from getting them by eating dirt?” one user wondered, while another added, “Dirt won’t hurt, but letting them bite the grocery shop belt? No way “, according to the Mirror UK.


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