Pregnant Woman Gives Birth On The Front Lawn After Labor Takes An Unexpected Turn

Baby Thomas is the Johnson family’s newest member. Emily and Michael Johnson, his parents, stated they couldn’t wait for him to arrive in this world.

After learning that she and her husband were expecting their second child, Emily Johnson, 31, from Vacaville, California, had no intention of giving birth under the stars.

That’s why Emily’s husband, Michael Johnson, and mother, Kristy Sparks, prepared to transport her to the hospital as soon as she went into labor.

The three had no idea, however, that the baby would not wait much longer, and Emily’s contractions would begin to speed up before she could even get to the car.

Emily realized she wouldn’t be able to make it to the hospital in time, so she lay down on the front lawn and accepted the fact that she would have to deliver the baby there.

Fortunately, the woman wasn’t alone when giving birth under the stars. Her mother assisted her with the birth and advised her when to push while Michael supported and hugged her.

Emily had done her final push as the first responders arrived at the family’s house, and a healthy baby boy named Tommy was born.

To add to the amazement, the entire birth was recorded on tape by the family’s Ring camera.

It was a birth they’ll never forget, and they now have a tale that has to be shared.

Best wishes to the family!


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