56-year-old Gives Birth To Triplet Grandchildren

A mother from Ohio has given birth to triplet grandchildren.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, Jaci Dalenberg, 56, may have been the world’s oldest surrogate mother with triplets by bearing her daughter’s three infants.

Dalenberg, who has four grown children of her own, carried the triplets for Kim Coseno, a 36-year-old nurse in her second marriage, and Joe Coseno, a 30-year-old fireman.

What’s the end result? The third attempt to transfer eggs to Jaci was successful.

The triplets, albeit two are actually twins and the third is a “singleton,” were born nine weeks prematurely on Oct. 11 within two minutes of each other.

In order of birth, Elizabeth, the singleton, weighed two pounds 14 1/2 ounces, Carmina weighed two pounds even, and Gabrielle weighed two pounds nine ounces.

Dalenberg had hormone treatment to strengthen her uterus and gave birth at 31 weeks when one of the girls didn’t seem to be growing normally.

The newborn girls are doing well at Hillcrest Hospital in Cleveland suburb Mayfield Heights, according to Coseno in an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday. Elizabeth will most likely be the first to return home.


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