Mother Proudly Shared Picture Of Her Daughters Holding Hands While Praying Before The Meal

Children have the ability to astonish us, and these youngsters have astonished not just their mother, but the entire globe!

Our children are always learning from us, from the large things like being safe to the little details like how we act when we’re sad. They’re sharp tiny minds, and their perceptiveness often astounds parents.

Rutha Andrew took extra care to instill in her girls the importance of praying before eating.

It’s a modest act to show you care about what you have and to be grateful for the blessings you have. Of course, when their parents aren’t around, youngsters aren’t always enthusiastic about performing the “less fascinating” tasks like praying or cleaning their teeth.

Although it may not appear so, prayer before eating is a very meaningful act.

Take a moment to be grateful for all you have, including your health, loved ones, and everything else that makes your life fascinating and enjoyable. Unfortunately, prayer isn’t as common as it once was since people are now more hurried than ever before.

Rutha took a step away from the picnic table where she had just finished serving her three kids, Oriana, Grace, and Alexis, to go grab some milk for their supper. She was taken aback when she turned around and saw the three of them praying together throughout their dinner.

Imagine her delight when she saw her girls praying as she had instructed them! She was so overjoyed that she snapped a photo of it and shared it with everyone.

The photo went viral rapidly because it touched the hearts of many who saw it. It’s incredible to witness the next generation uphold a long and significant legacy.

What are your thoughts? Are you a believer in prayer? Please let us know in the comments section!


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