Infant Starts Breathing Again After His Devastated Mom Hugs And Keeps Him Close To Her Heart

This mother wanted her son to be warm, but after two hours of holding him close to her, he began to breathe.

Kate Ogg, an Australian mother, is one real example of how a mother’s love for her child is so great that it can soothe their troubled souls and cure their shattered hearts. Her narrative will demonstrate the incredible and unbreakable bond that every mother and her kid have.

Kate Ogg and her husband David had always longed to start a family. The couple was given the good news after three years of attempting to conceive. Kate got pregnant with twins, and the couple was overjoyed at the prospect of bringing their children into the world. Kate gave birth prematurely to Emily and Jamie twins on March 25, 2010, but their joy was short-lived. Jamie remained motionless and mute. The physicians realized something was amiss with the infant and crowded around him to try everything they could to rescue him. Despite their best attempts, doctors were unable to rescue the infant, and he was declared dead.

The pair couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They had waited a long time for their children. The nurse brought the infant boy’s body over his mother’s chest after proclaiming the baby who had passed away. “I’d carried him inside me for just six months – not long enough – but I wanted to meet him, and to hug him, and for him to know us,” Kate said of the event. This mother held her infant close to her chest with tears in her eyes in order to keep him warm. “I saw him gasp, but the doctor said it was pointless,” Kate explained. I excused Jamie from the doctor’s office and requested everyone to go. He was freezing, and all I wanted was for him to be warm.”

Her spouse was even requested to take off his shirt and join them on the hospital bed. The parents slept next to one other, their deceased newborn boy in their arms. “We’d accepted the reality that we were going to lose him, and we were just trying to make the most of those final, wonderful moments,” the mother said.

The next thing that happened was nothing short of a miracle. Jamie got up after two hours of lying on his mother’s chest in the warmth of their hug. The baby’s respiration became more vigorous. Staff from the hospital hurried back to assist him, and they worked together to resuscitate the infant.

Kate and David were overjoyed, and the pair is grateful that their son was able to make it. What had transpired astounded doctors as well. “Fortunately, I’ve got a very strong, very wise wife,” David added. She did what she did naturally. Jamie would not be here today if she hadn’t done it.”

“We consider ourselves to be the luckiest people in the planet.”

The tragedy occurred ten years ago, and the couple is grateful for the miracle that altered their lives. The twins now have a younger sibling and are happy, healthy children.


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