Single Gay Dad Adopts An Ill Child And Raises An Olympic Champion

A malnourished child was adopted by a single homosexual father and went on to become an Olympic champion.

Jordan Windle, a U.S. Olympian competing in Tokyo2020, hasn’t always had it easy.

The boy was born into a Cambodian household, and both of his original parents died soon after he was born.

As a result, he spent his early years of existence in an orphanage, where he suffered from starvation, scabies, and serious diseases by the age of two.

On the opposite side of the globe, a single homosexual guy aspired to be a father.

Jerry Windle, a Florida native, had been drinking the same dram his whole life, but no one believed he would ever be a parent.

Nonetheless, both of these men’s lives were irrevocably transformed one day.

Mr. Windle had a tough time adopting a kid in the United States since he was a single gay guy.

He came across an article on the lives of orphans in Cambodia one day and took it as a message.

He called Cambodian officials right away and received life-changing news.

Mr. Windle traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in the summer of 2000 to meet his future son.

At the time, the young youngster was suffering from significant health issues and weighed just 16 pounds.

Despite his fears that he might not live, Jerry believed that by giving the youngster the chance he so desperately needed, he would begin to live the life he deserved.

Jerry did everything he could to assist the youngster regain his strength when he transported him to Florida.

He was successful in his endeavor.

Jordan was already a talented athlete when he was seven years old, and his skill for diving drew the notice of Tim O’Brien, the son of a well-known diving coach, Ron O’Brien.

The youngster subsequently enrolled in a special diving program and began recording his first victories.

Olympic gold medalist and LGBT activist Greg Louganis took notice of the boy’s achievements.

Jordan was called “Little Louganis” by some.

Despite this, it took three Olympic trials for him to fulfill his goal of qualifying for the Games.

He was a member of Team USA in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The diver, however, never forgets his homeland, and he even got a tattoo of the Cambodian flag before receiving one of the Olympic Games’ five-ringed insignia.

Orphan No More: The True Story of a Boy, a children’s book co-authored by the father and son, was published in 2011.

It narrates the story of a rooster who was warned by other animals that without a hen by his side, he would never be able to become a father.

Nonetheless, the rooster discovers an egg that no one wants one day. Despite the fact that the egg belongs to a newborn duckling, the rooster demonstrates to everyone that he has the potential to be a wonderful father because “where there is love, there is family.”

It’s very heartwarming!


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