Kind Student Gives 3 Bags Of Clothes To Bullied Classmate Who Wore The Same Outfit To School Every Day

People on the internet hailed a thoughtful teenager for assisting a classmate who was being tormented at his school.

Brayden, the kid, told the experience to the online journal Understanding Compassion and described how he assisted another student, who would remain unnamed.

He said that his fellow student was often ridiculed since he was impoverished and only had two sets of clothes to bring to school.

Brayden continued:

“He’s a buddy of mine, but we’re not really close.” He is bullied and attacked on a weekly basis, which is distressing because there is little he can do about it because he is struggling financially. I recall him having only two outfits last year since he couldn’t afford to buy any.”

As a result, Brayden decided to assist his needy buddy by giving him three full bags of fashionable clothing that he no longer required.

He continued:

“This kid’s name is [Anonymous], and he has a backstory.” Because of his stature, the way he acts, and his riches, [Anon] has been tormented from the beginning of middle school. He’s constantly s*** spoken on, hit on, and looked down upon. [Anon.] is a fantastic kid… Yes, he does a lot of silly things, plays fights, and gets into a lot of trouble, but I can see that’s simply a method for him to cope with his grief. He would only wear the same 2-3 outfits in 8th grade (last year) because he couldn’t afford to buy them, and it hurt me to see that.”

The thoughtful student shared:

“People understood what he was going through, yet he was still abused and picked on all the time; at the start of the year, he tried to hang himself after being hit by a youngster (who I won’t identify).” I don’t want to get into detail, but he’s a nice child, and I just wanted him to know that people care about him, that I understand his sorrow, and that he’s welcome. Please distribute optimism like this around, [for] individuals that don’t have much.”

Brayden’s deed of kindness not only aided the youngster in need, but it also demonstrated to him that he is valuable, loved, and respected. This is a genuine friendship tale about acceptance.

Brayden posted a video of himself giving his pal the gift, in which he can be heard saying:

“You’re wearing joggers, and these are all shirts from Nike, Adidas, and Hollister.” It’s everything quite good, even the Hollister sweater. You also have more joggers in this area. This is yours, and I even purchased you a Champion sweater. And… all of this is yours, man. The bag is yours to keep.”

Check out the video below:


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