Thankful New Dad Shares How Daughter’s Premature Delivery Ended Up ‘Saving His Life’

Cedillo’s daughter was supposed to arrive in November.
On October 7, however, his fiancée, Vanessa Sandoval, went into labor unexpectedly, and all bets were off.

Doctors verified that it was definitely Go Time as the couple rushed to Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, California.

Juliette Francine, their daughter, was delivered the next morning, more than a month ahead of schedule.

The couple was overjoyed to finally see their daughter, despite the fact that they were aware that her early birth was fraught with dangers.

So they didn’t hesitate when physicians suggested that both mom and baby remain a bit longer to recover.

They’d be legally discharged by Sunday, so Cedillo decided to take a break before picking them up. He went home for the night, and his shoulder and neck agony followed him.

Due to the agonizing agony, he only slept in 10-15-minute intervals for a total of two hours. Cedillo made an early appointment with his chiropractor, like he normally does, but the adjustment did not alleviate the discomfort this time.

He mentioned how the agony was different. It began in his chest and traveled up his neck and arm.

He went to the chiropractor the next morning for an adjustment, but it didn’t help his discomfort.

In fact, it appeared that the agony had spread — and that it was becoming worse.
He returned to the hospital, despite his suffering, to pick up Sandoval and their new addition to the family.

He welcomed his fiancée and lay down to relax when he arrived, but he was in and out of consciousness in a matter of seconds.

He didn’t seem well, so the postpartum nurse advised he go to the emergency department. His breathing was feeble by the time he was moved, and he had lost consciousness three times, according to his fiancée.

The doctor identified a 100 percent blockage in his left anterior descending artery during an imaging scan of his blood arteries, resulting in a heart attack. Cedillo claimed he “felt better than ever” after the obstruction was removed. He’s fatigued rapidly now that he’s been recovering for three weeks.

He told USA TODAY, “The fact that this occurred to me is just another glitch in my life.” “(Vanessa) is a trooper, just like me.” Her greatest concern was that he would pass out and she would be left to raise the kid alone.”


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