Dog Stops Car To Help Save Owner Who Suffered A Seizure

The dog’s status as man’s closest friend has been established several times in the past.

A video that appeared on the YouTube network last month also validated the word. A Samoyed dog snatched all of the attention in the room.

In recent weeks, a video from a surveillance camera has surfaced on YouTube, in which we can accompany the dog Clover on a stroll with her owner Haley Moore. The owner had a seizure while walking, leading her to collapse to the ground.

The dog attempted to warn passers-by and cars by barking at first, but no one heard her. Shortly after, she stood in the middle of the road and blocked traffic so that her owner could be rescued.

When the first automobile came to a halt in front of the dog, the driver instantly rushed to the owner’s help, and the dog’s intervention most likely saved her life. Another example of how dogs are our closest companions.


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