How Is This Possible?

For breakfast, two dads and two sons ate three eggs, one of which was a full egg puzzle answer.

Everyone enjoys solving puzzles and brain teasers. That’s what happened recently on the internet and on social media. The “2 dads and 2 sons ate 3 eggs for breakfast conundrum” pushed nerds, geeks, and just about everyone who enjoys a good puzzle to tackle it. We’ll share it with you here, and we beg you to put your thinking cap on and figure out the proper answer.

Many people have tried to solve the riddle “2 dads and 2 sons ate 3 eggs for breakfast” since it first surfaced online, but only a handful have been successful.

(Don’t worry, the answer to the riddle “2 dads and 2 sons ate 3 eggs for breakfast” is provided.)

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The right solution to the riddle “two dads and two sons ate three eggs for breakfast” is as follows:

Two dad and two sons were present. The majority of people misunderstand this puzzle phrase and interpret it to mean that there are four persons in all. However, the evidence before this puzzle statement indicates that three eggs were available, and each of them received one egg. As a result, it’s evident that three guys ate three eggs.

The question now is how two dads and two sons can add up to four persons. The statement of two dads and two sons here is more of a relationship than a count. Only when two dads and two sons are linked in such a way that two of them may be termed fathers can they be three individuals (or sons).

When one of them is the grandpa and the other two are his son and grandson, this may be the situation.

This becomes increasingly clearer when we consider someone who has a son and whose son has a son. He’d refer to his son as son, and his son would refer to his grandson as son. Similarly, the grandson would address the Oldman’s son as his father, and the Oldman would address his father as his father.


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