Almost Nobody Could Solve These 2 Challenges – Are You Smart Enough To Find The Answers?

A good challenge is something you can never be too old for.

My own retirement age is approaching. One of my favorite activities is solving puzzles and quizzes with my grandson, who is about ten years old.

It might be anything from figuring out riddles to deciphering optical illusions. The most enjoyable part is completing tasks that need you to collaborate.

It’s a fun pastime to do with friends and family, and it also allows you to work on your brain for a bit. In a world where computers handle everything for you, you seldom get that anymore.

I came across two tasks earlier today that I believe are extremely enjoyable. It’s all about being able to focus your senses and allowing your eyes and brain to work together. It may appear straightforward, but be cautious of being overconfident!

Look for the 3/4 symbol!

Neither task should be overly simple. If you’re going to solve these riddles, you’ll need a keen eye for details – and most of my friends who I’ve put to the test have failed.

It should be noted that they only had 5 seconds to complete the first and 10 seconds to complete the second, although both tasks may be completed quickly if you have more time, thus the time constraint is an important component of the challenge.

Look for the “3/4” character in the first image, which signifies 75 percent of anything. It’s tucked away within the “1/4” characters!

Is it possible to discover it in less than 5 seconds?

Have you discovered the “3/4” symbol?

I believe that was more tough than anticipated, so congratulations if you figured it out! You did an excellent job!

Otherwise, we’ll reveal the location of the sign now!

We’ve highlighted the “3/4” in red in the image below!

How many questions do you notice?

Let’s move on to the next task, shall we?

There was just one symbol to hunt for in the first one, but things will get a little more tough in the following one.

In this game, you must find out how many Qs are hidden in an image full of Os. Although the letters are quite similar, you only have 10 seconds to discover them.

How many Q’s do you think you can discover in the image?

Keep track of how many Q’s you discovered in the image!

On my first effort, I discovered six pieces, but I missed a few.

You’ll know the solution if you flip that number!

Yes, you’ve probably figured it out by now, but all Q’s in the image below are highlighted in white.

Yes, there are nine questions in the image!

Did you succeed in completing any of these tasks? Then use the share button to introduce your friends to today’s brainteaser!


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