A Heartbroken Widow Welcomes Miracle Baby 15 Months After Her Husband Lost His Life

Her elder children have continued to follow in her footsteps as a ‘predominantly raw, ethical vegan,’ she stated. A sad Ohio widow gave birth to a baby girl a year after her husband died, using an embryo the pair developed.

Julie Wilson, 36, of Cleveland, Ohio, opted to become a single mother a year after her husband, Travis, 45, died in February 2019 from cancer, utilizing embryos generated with his sperm during therapy.

Logan, the 36-year-newborn old’s girl, has been a huge source of consolation for her.

When Julie and Travis met at work in 2007, they hit it off right away.

They married in 2012 and started trying for a baby after constantly talking about creating a family.

‘We made each other better individuals, and we complimented one other brilliantly,’ Julie added.

Julie became pregnant in 2016 after dealing with reproductive challenges, but the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 12 weeks.

Travis was diagnosed with a very significant brain issue when a huge tumor was detected that year, adding to the sorrow.

Following his diagnosis, the couple decided to try IVF in the hopes of having a kid before he died.

They banked his sperm before he started any therapies to guarantee that it wouldn’t be harmed by them.

Julie was left with the five embryos they had developed when Travis died in early 2019, so there was still a hope for her to become a mother to their kid.

Julie found out she was pregnant with twins during her six-week ultrasound, but a later check-up revealed that one of the babies had died.

Julie gave birth to her daughter Logan on May 9, 2020.

Logan, she claims, is the finest thing that has ever happened to her.

Julie has started a foundation in her husband’s honor to help other families dealing with the effects of a brain cancer diagnosis.


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