Mother Becomes Only Black Woman In The World To Give Birth To Two White Babies To Beat Millions-to-one Odds

Catherine Howarth, 35, a financial analyst of Nigerian ancestry, felt the uncommon recessive white gene that caused her son Jonah, three, to be totally white would not strike again.

As a result, she was taken aback when the midwife handed her Sophia, who was as white as her older brother.

Catherine Howarth is of Nigerian origin, while her husband, Richard Howarth, is of English descent. Jonah, her first child, was born to her.

Despite the fact that her husband is English, the birth of two white children is nevertheless seen as a miracle because dark skin genes are normally quite dominant.

When Sophia was born in March of last year, doctors were shocked.

Catherine is descended from a Nigerian family with no white ancestors.

The couple is overjoyed with their miraculous children, despite their first disbelief.

Jonah’s amazing beauty drew the attention of five modeling agencies when he was born.

His ten-month-old sister, who has already been signed up with entertainment agencies, is expected to follow in his footsteps. She earned her first modeling job after only three weeks.


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